Texture Is the Way to Have a Fashion Moment at the Gym

Regulars at boutique fitness studios will have noticed that women put in so much effort and time in selecting apparels for workouts as they do for a red-carpet event. Women are not holding anything back in selecting suitable gym wear. For those who thought velvet was the best thing since sliced bread, should brace themselves for the newest Activewear trend; texture. This is where your sequins, ruffles, fur, and rhinestones, come into play. It can be said that you will have to allot more cash for dry cleaning though.

“The athleisure texture trends come directly from the runway, you can look back on Alexander Wang Fall 2018,” says Paula Collarte, a Miami-based stylist. “Adam Selman Sport is what I am obsessed with at the moment. He is combining runway styles and athleisure as never seen. These pieces are not limited to the gym fanatics alone; they also look good on savvy workout girls.”

Collarte says she prefers pairing his oversized black denim jacket, and a white cropped tee, along with a black ankle boot, and a black crystal legging. “This look is perfect for a date. It will help you grab someone’s attention while showing that you are not showing off.”

The look is easy to pull off, and with more brands like The Upside offer, and Alala coming into the picture, there is more option for everybody. Accessories such as socks, and shoes are also easy to pull off.

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