Best Clothing Online Stores in the US

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Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Gone are the days when you had to dress up and trek for hours—jumping from one store to another across town. We’re living in an age of e-commerce. Nowadays, you can quickly buy chic outfits from the comfort of your sofa or bed – i.e., by simply clicking your way through some of the best clothing online stores in the US.

The only caveat to online shopping is the proliferation of options. Which websites offer the best prices and offers? What about shipping policies? With so many potentially viable retailers, navigating the online fashion jungle can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. For this reason, this post aims to take you through a handful of the best clothing online store in the US. We’re like self-appointed tour guides, showing you all the best spots. Read on to find out where you can find the latest styles and best prices online.


What’s your size? What about your age? Yea, yea…we know that these are forbidden question – but whatever your age or size, Chico’s has you covered! The online shopping store has been delivering bold yet practical clothing choices for women since 1983. From running brick-and-mortar stores, Chico’s has managed to thrive in both online and off-line markets with relative ease and finesse.

The website is designed to offer a seamless customer experience—including “how-to” guides, tips on trending styles, the newest collections, and ongoing offers. They also have a “STYLECONNECT” feature that allows you to talk to a dedicated virtual stylist. Simply put, Chico’s is the online clothing store to meet all your shopping needs.

Subscribing to their email list comes with juicy perks such as a 20% discount on your next purchase and access to exclusive sales. Standard shipping within the US is free for all orders above $100. Oh…and you earn $25 for every friend you refer to their boutiques or online store. Spread the word and save big!

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Hello Molly

Imagine getting all the clothing and accessories you need from one store; it sounds exciting, right? Well, that’s what Hello Molly offers. Shopping is a serious business, but it is also supposed to be a fun activity. Moving from one shop to another to get what you need will eventually wear you out and suck up all the fun there is to experience. However, you do not have to miss the fun part of shopping with this brand.

Hello Molly was launched in 2012, and they have been delivering quality women’s clothing. With more than 100 new releases every week, you can always get the latest fashion trends from them at any time. So whether you need a dress, a top, pants, bottoms, accessories, shoes, or any female attire, you will always get them at Hello Molly. You do not need to worry about not finding your size and taste because there are various options to choose from.

You can either shop offline or online from wherever you are. They have a user-friendly website, and they are also available on social media (Instagram), and you can shop from whatever platform you prefer. Your package will definitely get to you safely at the agreed time, and you will get the actual stock your ordered.

Visit Hello Molly stores, website, or social media platform today for amazing women’s clothing shopping deals. To enjoy amazing discounts and get notifications when there is new stock, subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Instagram. Make Hello Molly your number feminine clothing store.

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Pretty Little Thing

If you are a lover of a casual and simple look, or you love to be the centre of attention when you walk into a room, PrettyLittleThing got your back on that. They offer a wide variety of fashion items ranging from glamorous dresses to simply gowns, tops, shoes, accessories, etc.

You can’t be behind in trends when you shop with this brand. They are steady updating their stores with the latest fashion trends. Whether you shop online or you shop at offline stores, you will still experience a high level of satisfaction.

PrettyLittleThing is one of the leading fashion stores that still pays attention to every detail when dealing with their clients. Size, height or body structure is never an issue with them. They have items to suit the needs of all their clients.

Subscribe to their newsletter to get updates whenever there are new arrivals, that way, you can stay in touch with the latest trends.

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Lucky Brand

Who loves jeans and denim? If you’re like the millions of online shoppers (including us) with an affinity for anything denim, Lucky Brand is a match made in heaven. The Los Angeles-based clothing store claims to stay “true to the rich heritage — and authentic, all-American spirit — of denim…” They’re particularly famous for their iconic tees, flowy boho dresses and tops, and worn-in denim.

If you’re lucky enough (pun intended), you can find offers of up to 75% at Lucky Brand. And in addition to their cool vibe and affordable prices, the clothing online store has a soft spot for sustainability and social impact. Orders above $75 are shipped for free in the US—while anything below that attracts a $5 flat rate.

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Strapped for cash? Trying to practice frugal living, but you want to look stylish? Dresslily will have you drooling and pulling out your credit card info in a matter of seconds. If “discount” was an online store, it would look similar to Dresslily. I don’t think we can adequately emphasize the number of promotions, offers, coupons, and discounts that characterize the online clothing store—so just have a look for yourself.

Shipping is free for orders above $49—which is one of the lowest in the industry. And if you apply for the VIP program you can stretch out your saving and shipping perks even further.

Go to Dresslily Website


Rotita is a China-based fashion website that runs cross-border clothing online stores to customers around the globe. They exclusively operate online—allowing them to provide accessories, footwear, swimwear, apparel, and more at heavily discounted prices. Rotita has a reputation as the one-stop-shop for fashion devotees looking for affordable swank accessories and trendy outfits.

It’s also worth noting that Rotita offers a surprisingly detailed size chart, from a size conversion chart to the model’s measurements—to ensure you bag the right fit. Shipping is free for orders above $49 (flat rate shipping), $69 (standard shipping), or $129 (expedited shipping).

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There is this joy that comes after shopping, especially when you are able to get what you want. On the other hand, you always get this sick feeling when you are not satisfied with your shopping outcome. With Showpo, the latter cannot be the case with you. Shopping offline is as safe as shopping online with Showpa. You get a clear picture of what you want and get your exact size.

Need a good fashion update and upgrade? Make Showpo your go-to fashion store. With over 80 local and international bands and over 100 new releases every week, you are sure to experience a huge fashion upgrade. They have very classy and unique items, which include: dresses, accessories, shoes, tops, etc. They even sell wedding outfits for new intending brides-to-be.

If you are a lover of Boho clothing and other Boho-inspired items, you can get the best quality on Showpo. If you are going for a simple, classy, or trendy look, you can now end your search. You can easily satisfy your fashion taste with them.

Showpo was founded in 2010 and has made so much progress since then. They are among the leading fashion companies, and they are fully trusted without a doubt.

Get the perfect outfit today without the fear of buying the wrong size and a low-quality item. Subscribe to their newsletter for current updates on trending items and to get information for available discounts and other updates.

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