The Spice Girls Exhibit Their Fashion Pieces Read

Many consider the ’90s to be a great time and for any who lived through that era, the Spice Girls were a global phenomenon. The group, an exemplary girl group, set the benchmark in their genre and was very influential in creating iconic beauty and style trends. To make their success, an exhibition called SpiceUp was flagged off in London. The exhibition is about everything Spice Girls, and it features memorabilia an iconic Spice Girls fashion pieces.

The exhibition has all the signature pieces like; the leather-cut outfits, Union Jack dress, animal print dresses and so on. It promises to take you down memory lane. There are lots of sections in the exhibit from the live stage, to individual stages for the girls, to a Merchandise stage.

The exhibition showcases everything about the Spice Girls, right from the beginning. You get to see the girls from the start and their iconic rise to stardom.

The exhibition which was launched in London on July 28, will run through to August 20, before heading to Manchester.

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