Why You Need Rose Oil in Your Beauty Regimen

One thing that was prominent across the country on Valentine’s day was roses. You must have seen lots of roses being carried to loved ones, significant others, husband, fiancé, girlfriends and wives across your office, town, and city. Most people love roses for the beauty, and charm it provides, but few people know that there is more to a rose than just beautiful petals. An essential property of rose is its oil, and the rose oil comes with several benefits.

We spoke to Mariola Barczewska, Haven Spa NYC esthetician about the fantastic benefits that rose oil provides, and she also answered other questions about rose oil.

What are the benefits of rose oil?

Rose oil is beneficial in several ways. Notable benefits of rose oil include; promoting circulation of blood and oxygen, stress relief, acting as a skin moisturizer, combating inflammation, and helping to heal skin with scars.

How can you add rose oil to your routine?

Rose oil can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it on your skin directly or add a couple of drops to your shower gel, face cream or bath. To reap the complete moisturizing benefits of rose oil, use it for a full body massage. You can also use the oil to heal scars on the skin.

How does one utilize rose oil on the face?

The oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well as tissue regenerative properties. The oil comes with therapeutic benefits, and it also acts as a moisturizer.


How does one utilize rose oil on the hair?

Add a few drops of your rose oil to your shampoo. You can also add a couple of drops of your rose oil to a teaspoon of coconut oil and use as a hydration mask on your hair roots for 15 minutes.

How can you use rose oil on your body?

Make a body scrub with sugar, coconut oil and a few drops of rose oil. You can use it on your lips and face too, which is great to do in the winter with the harsh weather.

What other things can rose oil do?

Many consider Rose oil to be an aphrodisiac and as such, it can help to stimulate romantic emotions and feelings. Make use of it on your cuticles for hydration. Rose oil has lots of usage and benefits; you can take out your time to experiment on it and see what it can do.