Betsey Johnson Just Launched New Makeup Collection

Betsey Johnson isn’t just amazing at the rock, and fashion designing, she also set the standard with her new makeup line. It is not your usual 12-piece range, and many consider it to be a glam kit. It comes with false lashes, highlighter sticks, different eyeshadow palette, highlighting powder, and so much more.

On the packaging, you are greeted with an array of pink accents, punky stripes, and so much more as you would expect from a Betsey Johnson collection. Another great news about this product line is that it is affordable and pocket-friendly.

You can get it for a little as $12


Betsey Johnson

Blend It Babe Eye Shadow Palette, $21 at

Sparkle Plenty Luminous Highlighting Stick Kit, $11.20 at

Blend It Babe 6-Piece Brush Set, $14 at





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