$80 Glossier Starter Kit Will Completely Make Over Your Beauty Routine

There is so much to love about Glossier, and with the release of a brand-new beauty set, we have every reason to love them even more. The new set is essentially a collection of its best-selling products. They call it the Makeup Set, and it is made up of Lash Slick (an everyday mascara), Cloud Paint (cream color for cheeks), and Boy Brow (brow grooming gel).

We recommend you buy the $40 set, and save yourself $10 rather than getting each product one after the other.

The set is tailored to provide you with a polished and fresh glow that looks good alone, or you can use in combination with other products. As the website description puts it, “the look is simple to apply, and allows you to conquer your day, or slay in another makeup.” The entire set is pocket-friendly, and it is money’s worth. It is simple and doesn’t complicate your routine.

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