5 Amazing Color Hair Ideas

This year has seen the return of technicolor hair on own celebrities, making traditional hair colors like blonde, and brown a thing of the past. There has a more exciting time to give your hair that new look than now. There is no limit to any color you can turn your hair into, and that’s part of the reason why it is fun.

If you are not so sure what color you want on your hair, don’t worry yourself, as hair colorists experts have come up with fantastic hair coloring techniques and patterns that will make you stand out and look good. We’ve created a list of five cool color hair ideas. Check them out below;

Split Hair

#splithair will probably be the popular hair hashtag this summer. This wild look offers you the chance to split dye your hair to two of your favorite colors. Come on, give it a go and see for yourself.

Vacation Hair

The highlights this “vacation hair” gives you will surely make people give you a second look and wonder where you got the idea from.


Lilac is never a miss, and nothing says “I am trying something new” than lilac. Think of Kate Perry and the Grammy and you can see how lilac can make you stand out and be the talk of the show.


Turn that black into blue, and channel in your inner Pocahontas. Girls that have a natural dark lock can add a navy-blue wash or a simple highlight to make their appearance more electric.

Strawberry Blonde

It seems Redheads are getting all the attention at the moment. If you are blond, you can spice things up a bit by using a bit of strawberry. The picture of Bella Thorne, or Jessica Chastain, comes to mind.

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